Bungee Jumping

Man has not only conquered heights, but also depths and the speed that he wants. The only proof that you can do it as long as you are determined is when one of the Peaks of Africa accords you the opportunity to bungee jump...one of the safest sports. See more details

Serengeti Ngorongoro And Masai Mara

The largest caldera on earth, home of the largest animal gatherings and migrations on earth, and the largest congregations of birds on earth. The rift valley walls go above 2kms..not only one of the greatest Peaks of Africa, but a formidable wonder on earth. See more details

Classy Bush Hotels

There is nothing sobering, after an adventurous and audacious day of experiencing and witnessing the leisure treasures of Africa, as enjoying a restful night a clean, rustic but highly complete bush hotel, with your loved and waking up to the songs of the African birds, and be kissed by the warm s See more details

Big Maned Lion

I am the larger than life African lion..a gracious digitigrade walker, my 40mm clawed paws can break a Zebra’s backbone, or break the neck of a buffalo. My strong roar can reverberate through more than 8kms of thickets, peaks and valleys. See me in one of the Peaks of Africa. See more details

The Victoria Falls

The "smoke that thunders through 5 kms of distance" as mighty waters from the highlands of Central Africa flow through one of the mighty Zambezi river and plunges as a large sheet of water 1km wide down 128 meters onto the rocks at the Victoria Falls. Surely the "Angels must have stopped in their See more details

The African Buffalo

I am tough, big and powerful, armored with hard hoofs and horns. Ask the lion, which I give a good run for its life daily from time immemorial throughout the Peaks of Africa. You gotta come and see for yourself. See more details

Wildlife And Scenery

Great landscapes of note, coexisting with gracious wildlife of note. What an opportunity to rediscover and refocus our lives after meditating during your visit to these Peaks of Africa. See more details
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